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18221, RE: Physics 101
Posted by BooDaah, Tue Feb-27-01 11:37 AM
>If this is true, please explain.

by my logic (my post, my logic dammit) there are two states, wet and dry.

wet = !dry (the state called wet equals the state called not dry)
dry = !wet (see above)

>When is a human "absolutely

when they are dry

>You said "as i was thinking,
>even if you have the
>slightest degree of wetness you
>still aren't dry". Isn't the
>reciprocal true? If you have
>the slightest degree of dryness,
>you still aren't wet.

perhaps were dancing (it's been a minute since i exercised this brainstem), but is the reciprocal the same as the converse?

>Which leads us to an
>unarguable point that absolutes don't
>exist in the current universe.

isn't it an absolute to say that absolutes don't exist?

same arguement, different person.

>Please believe it!

this is fun. we all nerds (reatively that is). recognize.

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