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Topic subjectInstantly Dry!!!
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18217, Instantly Dry!!!
Posted by eyezed, Tue Feb-27-01 08:37 AM
>>TRUTH is UNSPOKEN. (As soon as
>>one speaks, it is lost.)
>so lemme get this straight:
>if i'm outside in the rain
>with no umbrella, dripping, and
>i say "i'm wet" do
>i become instantly dry?

You kinda do become instantly dry. People make statements to communicate a thought. "I'm wet" or "I have 5 apples" or "Common is a dope MC". When I make these statements, I am trying to get you to think a specific thought. However, as soon as that thought is verbalized, it's not as true as it was in your head.

Let's explain with the "wet" example, cuz the other ones will be too complex and require a lot more physics than I care to delve into momentarily. When you say "I'm wet" your trying to communicate the thought of the amount of water on you, right? (This is an assumption, but I can't think of another option) However (and I'll leave out the enthalpy equation), everyone who took high school physics can tell you that some of the energy you used in emoting, evaporated some of the water. Now, you're not as wet as you were trying to communicate. Hence, the statement is (VERY SLIGHTLY) less than true.

I agree that my logic sounds like word manipulation, but that word "truth" is quite delicate, and implies a link to the absolute. And when you're dealing with the absolute, you have to be 100% correct. That's pretty difficult to do when time is moving forward continuously.

So when someone says "TRUTH IS....", given the limitations of language, and even the speed of sound, or light, or whatever medium, they'll almost always be incorrect, no matter how insignificant it seems.

The conclusion I would draw from that is that there is no truth that will be TOLD to you by any religion. Truth can only be communicated through the medium of experience, in the now time reference. This means that EVERYBODY knows (more specifically "is") the truth (or at least their specific truth).



An odd result of this theorem is that anyone whose idea of perfection is based on what was taught to them is striving towards a less-than-truth. And they still have trouble practicing what they preach!