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Posted by guest, Tue Feb-27-01 06:42 AM
"REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and even more than that, the fake, they REALLY REALLY recognize REAL!" -BlackThought


>>TRUTH is UNSPOKEN. (As soon as one speaks, it is lost.)

what are you talking for then?!? said in the same manner as when that cowboy kickboxer in "Best of the Best" when he asks "what are you counting them for?" you remember the scene.

and seriously, this? come on.

"if i'm outside in the rain with no umbrella, dripping, and i say "i'm wet" do i become instantly dry?"

what the hell??? bad analogy alltogether. don't even waste your time typing abstract responses anymore. directly answer the question. good original post though, one of the best actually, just soured by debate/argument/discussion that didn't reach the same level intended i think. boodah's cool.

Nuwb or "blackness" is supreme balance before the chaos was introduced. It was a state of sound, right reasoning. That darkness was triple darkness, which is what you would call the absence of consciousness, or the state of being awoke. In actuality, the dream state is more real and peaceful than the chaos you meet once you are awake. A form of spiritual darkness responsible for the spark that turned on the light that is the life and intellect of all who breathe and think.
When the light is turned on again, the chaos begins. The differentiation begins. The separation begins. The rights and the wrongs, the goodness and the badness; the supreme balance is broken and the ego begins to verse the "I."