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Topic subjectthat's not true
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18204, that's not true
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 12:35 PM
>Believe nothing, it's all chance.

there is a thing as truth. it's just when you start to staple things to it (infernce) is when you get hemmed up.

the very satement you made is in and of itself contradictory.

if it's all chance, why should i believe you? someone MIGHT be wrong, but they might be right? the issue is where do you put your faith (again the faith built on belief thing). and even wider the REAL issue of this post is: if you/me/we KNOW truth, why don't you/me/we live it?

>Now that you know that most
>folks go through the worst
>case scenario, run your life

again contradiction. how can you say "prepare for the worst" yet also say, it doesn't matter anyway?

>the only absolute is that there
>are no absolutes.

funny. shouldn't that be "the only absolute is that there is only one absolute"?
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