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18202, hm....
Posted by BooDaah, Tue Feb-27-01 10:36 AM
>"People should not worry as much
>about what they do but
>rather about what they are.

an apple tree will produce apples, a righteous man will produce righteousness

this reminds me of the faith vs. works debate (which i don't have the energy right now to rehash or argue)

although it leaves open the interpretation of the value of one's works.

for example, if i help little old ladies across the street yet beat my wife am i a good or bad person (totally seperate from whatever else, or not?). how much good makes one good, and is this to be compared to the bad i do?

(personal injection following: i say don't worry because ultimately i think that's God's decision)

there are TONS of folk who are heros (ie "good") to some and evil to others. this goes back to the not so old discussion about relativity and allowance.

real pithy statement there though janey my dear