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Posted by janey, Mon Feb-26-01 11:56 AM
I'm not sure you understood. I actually believe that those who truly love God can do exactly as they please because a pure and wholehearted love of God will expand to create love for others, which will result in works that promote healing and more love.

It is truly not only about religion. Truly, truly, because as you know I don't myself believe in an image of God that fits with most mainstream religious metaphors, so if it's all about religion I should have nothing to say here. And on the other hand it is ALL about religion, because religion isn't something that happens for an hour on Sunday or only when you're thinking about it. To put it another way, if you can't invite God to your sex life, you may have things a little out of whack in your life as a whole.

If our religion doesn't express our humanity fully, both in its current reality and in its potential, then we should abandon it and find one that does.

All that being said, I'm hard at work on my temper, and I recently read about Marcel Proust's qualities as a friend and have vowed to change my ways. But I try to keep at least my worst failings in mind, and I try to maintain a practice that promotes understanding, focus and patience. And I try to believe that everyone is doing his or her best.


I feel infinite sadness at seeing how few people are genuinely kind. (c) Marcel Proust