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Topic subjectfor once we agree
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18198, for once we agree
Posted by LexM, Tue Feb-27-01 08:06 AM
thanks so much for clearing some of that up...

>regarding the text, a wise person
>(and i'm not indicating you
>as otherwise) will look at
>them all to determine their
>difference, and compare as close
>to the original writings as
>possible. knowledge is power right?
>it's common knowledge that you shouldn't
>believe something just because i's
>on paper, so why not
>get as much info as
>possible and go from there?

got u...

>regarding interpretations, again compare them to
>the text you've deemed reliable,
>look at the consistency therein
>(why take the advice of
>someone who contradicts themselves).


>at some point you have
>to put your belief/faith in
>SOMETHING you can't prove 100%,
>but remember the point of
>this post is "why fake
>it". if you wanna
>be whatever then BE that.
>don't preach one thing and
>act differently because it just
>creates confusion.

definitely feelin u on this. I understood the general point of your post to the utmost. Still, while I understand the concept of faith and taking leaps based on it, some people can't live like that, you know?

>>g_love could have very well heard
>>that from someone who knew
>>the Bible well, they were
>>just interpreting it in *their*
>so then, the issue becomes do
>i trust THEIR interpretation or
>do i test/compare it to
>others? From that what is
>MY interpretation?

again, I agree.

>personally, i'm not a big fan
>of denominational politics. few who
>follow a particular denomination really
>know what seperates one from
>the other historically or doctinally
>(merely following tradition).

very very true. but I think some folks here would disagree, and that's what causes a lot of these brawls on this board, u know?

>that said,
>until we stand before God
>we'll never know. the
>issue is, while we're here
>are we gonna walk the
>walk or just talk the
>talk. nahmeen?

I'm feelin u...and that's really the ultimate point anyway.

>not necessarily. true, each has to
>choose the steps they'll take
>on THEIR journey but that
>doesn't negate being instructed and

still, we need to choose our teachers wisely. and there are a lot of false prophets out there.

>>I'm just trying to figure out
>>where you stand.
>actually i'm sitting right about now

smartass :) (in a good way)


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