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Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 01:48 PM
>somewhere in the book of psalms

that's why it's a slippery slope. what about the part where Paul and David (who as, i'm sure you know, wrote Psalms) say that "though the righeous may suffer"?

you gotta look at the totality of scripture, just not a piece. the reason why is the same that would be given if somone picked a random sentence out of ANY book (secular or otherwise) and built lessons/teaching from there about the entire document.

and even then (after study), you may still decide not to follow any particular path set forth, as is your want due to the whole "free will" thing", but don't miss my point: you can't preach/teach wat you don't do yourself. or at best, it's harder to expect folk to pay you any attention if you are all over the place.