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Topic subjectwhere i came up with that idea
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18192, where i came up with that idea
Posted by guerilla_love, Mon Feb-26-01 01:08 PM

somewhere in the book of psalms

after attending every confirmation class at the church that i grew up in and talking extensively with the priest, i chose not to be confirmed. then, after about 6 or 7 years i was upset about sumthin and decided to check out bill clinton's church cuz it's near enuf to where i live. i stayed for a little while until the baskets were bein passed. then i started readin the ol book. openned straight to psalms, and that was about the second psalm i read. walked right back outta the church and don't wanna return unless i go to an ethiopian or russian church, so that i can feel the atmosphere of the place without hearin all that crazy talk.

that's not the first time i've walked out of a church, either. every damned time i start to read onna the books there i leave.


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