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Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 12:29 PM
>but as much as i try
>to be accepting there are
>some things in every religion
>that deeply offend me, for
>example, the christian notion that
>bad things only happen to
>guily people.

again, the slippery slope.

who told you that? the doctrine of the religion itself, or a "follower"? see my point. christian dotrine say exactly the opposite. in fact it goes so far as to say the harder you try to do/act right the more hurdles you will probably face (living a life like Christ)

way to many people listening, but not investigating. 90% of the people who tell you what the bible/quran/whatever says have NEVER read it, much less studied it. but they are quick to spew whatever they "heard", but then they'll turn around and tell you not to believe everything you hear.

by the way, i got this bridge in brooklyn that i'd like to sell ya.