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18189, here's another one for you
Posted by guerilla_love, Mon Feb-26-01 12:19 PM
i'm a vegetarian, have been for over 10 years
barely eat processed foods
stay active
got rid of the tv about halfa year ago, avoided it and the radio (except for npr) like the plague for a long time before that

i smoked a packa cigarrettes a day (menthol, mind you) for about the same 10 years, was high every day for many of them, and often had a drink in my hand

now that i quit smoking, i can't stand the smell.
i hate seeing my friends and family really really drunk

so i'm a definate hypocrite.

as for religion, i keep sayin it's all the same thing. people (includin me) feel a special connection w/ somethin greater or a need for sumthin bigger, and religion gratifies that. spirituality gratifies it, actually, and religion adds rules to it.

but as much as i try to be accepting there are some things in every religion that deeply offend me, for example, the christian notion that bad things only happen to guily people.


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