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18188, ...and
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 11:14 AM
it ain't just religion

it could be:

don't be an elitist, but you roll with some clique (real or otherwise)

whitey is racist, but you think he's the debbil

women are hoes, but you try to run up in every female (or male for that matter)

men are dogs, but you want someone who can pay your bills

such and such musician is wack, but you cry about folk being "backpakers" of somesuch when they don't like

gays are immoral, but you screwing everything YOU can

right is right, wrong is wrong and that's fine for each to determine on their own, but fakeness/posturing is T-I-R-E-D
(but then again, preaching is too huh :-) )