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18187, insert "wink" here
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 11:01 AM
just trying to bring a lil order/sensibility to the mix

that said, as much as i love you, that answer IS a bit shortsighted cause it doesn't work that way.

for most the methodology is where the trouble starts

but my thing is, how you gonna tell somebody how to follow THEIR God if you are doing a halfway job of following yours?

i marvel at THESE folks, cause they don't even fake it. out of one side of their mouth it's all sorts of whatever, out the otherside "God/God/God" or "dothis/do this/do this".

It doesn't have to degenerate into "everyone do what you like", but all i'm saying is that many of us spend more time making smoke than burning.