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Topic subjectMy Religion/Faith Post
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18185, My Religion/Faith Post
Posted by BooDaah, Mon Feb-26-01 10:46 AM
if you're just going to live life however you choose anyway, why bother?

is your talk the same as your walk? how close ARE you to walking a straight path or do you meander then explain away your missteps? is the plank in YOUR eye keeping you from looking in the mirror?

while perfection may or may not be attainable, what's the point of profession without practice?

what's the point of saying you believe, if you only say it? does your belief extend into the type of faith that will manufest itself beyond you just claiming the title of believer?

what kind of inspiration are you for others? it's easy to say "them chiristians", "them muslims", "them whitefolk", them jews", "them religious folks", "them non-believers", "them whoever....". but what about YOU? are you really THAT much different, or do you just think/say you are?

dig deeper.....