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Topic subjectRE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
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18184, RE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
Posted by feetsadiq, Wed Feb-28-01 09:46 AM
Hmmm....Christians, Jews, Muslims....all the same...ya know why because we spend so much time being holy looking down on others we cannot see the truth...any organized religion cannot be natural...why because the thought and or belief that a God exists is an intellectual step...as a prehistoric man woman whatever you have no time to worry about the after life...you worry about food family children and health...it isn't until communities, towns, cutural identies are formed between people that any kind of organized religion takes place...It is more earthly/natural to worship this spinning orb( the place we dwell),or the sun (the light giver), or the harvest (food), or the animals that you kill or kill you. That is natural the belief that a man avoided capture by hiding behind a spiders web, or God reincarnated walks as a man those are ideals that take food surplus and dedicated thought to achieve.