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Topic subjectRE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
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18183, RE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-28-01 07:50 AM
A few points:

1) 5 percenters and the Nation do not represent the same Islam that was brought by Muhammad to Arabia.

2) One of the first Muslim converts was a black slave name Bilal, who was tortured brutally for his conversion, and became one of the closest people to Muhammad.

3) Islam came to Africa within the first decade of its existence. Oppressed in Mecca, a group of Muslims migrated to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) which was at that time ruled by a Christian king and took refuge there. The King later became Muslim and the King's daughter married Muhammad (ie Muhammad had a black wife).

4) Some Arabs and Africans were undoubtedly in concert with Europeans to bring Africans to America to become slaves. But you can't judge a religion by a small group of people: say I try to judge Catholics by looking at Nazis or Jews by looking at hardcore Zionists.

5) I don't have a 5th point.