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Topic subjectRE: Slave Manumission in Islam
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18181, RE: Slave Manumission in Islam
Posted by abduhu, Wed Feb-28-01 08:51 AM

once again in the face of ignorance, The Truth is about to be known, and totally wipe out falsehood!

i have reitterated numerous times that the term "arab" is not synonomous or interchangeble with "muslim".

that being said,......
this is a link to a chapter in Sahih Al Bukhari- acollection of AUTHENTIC SAYINGS (NOT FORGERIES) of the prophet muhammad (saws),
and the chapter is entirely about the manumission of slaves.

i hope this will dispell any thoughts about the situation of Islam, Muslims, and Slaves.


if you are looking for the Truth, you will find that whatever the "arabs" and even the "muslims" did to the zanj or any other peoples on the face of the earth (even right now), was done out of ignorance (the absence of knowledge) or just plain arrogance (ignorance w/ knowledge), it can not be attributed to Islam.

judge muslims by islam, not islam by the muslims.