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Posted by abduhu, Mon Feb-26-01 03:02 PM

>Did a concept of "Adam and
>Eve" exist before the Old
>Testament and subsequently the New
>Testament and the Quran? No,
>moving on...

what concept? explain.

>what do you mean "stars" didn't
>exist? According to Bible
>(I do not know about
>the Quran), the STARS were
>created BEFORE MAN.

recall that i said "didnt exist" OR "didnt know anything about it". i didnt state which category that stars fell under.

>What way of life is this?
> The problem is that
>you use "submission to God"
>and "islam" interchangeably. Though
>conceptually this IS the meaning
>of Islam, the manner in
>which it is practice varies
>from person to person. Although
>Christianity has been spread or
>introduced to peoples throughout the
>world, Islam (as determined by
>the Quran) HASN'T. The
>fact that is has to
>be SPREAD (Christianity included) show
>that it is NOT in
>fact INHERENT to all peoples.

Allah says in the qur'an:
"do they not look at Allah's creation. Among things,-How their shadows turn round, from the right and the left, prostrating themselves to Allah, and that in the humblest manner? And to Allah does prostrate all that is in the heavens and on earth, whether moving creatures or the angels: for none are arrogant (before their Lord)."-16:49,50.

look at your shadow the next time you are outside. its only "natural" that your shadow does what it does. and if it did anything contrary to what we normally know a shadow to do, then that would be "unnatural"!

everything submits to Allah. some are perfect in their submission, and some are not. if the sun ever went of its "natural" course, then we would be dead! thus the sun submits to the commands of Allah, never slacking a bit, always obedient!

>>"Did Arabs not conquer northern africa
>>and its people and force
>>them to pratice Islam in
>>the same way that Christians
>>came with rifles and bibles?"
>This is not totally true.
>Although in some cases it
>was spread by force, it
>also became a "religion of
>convenience." In many cases the
>religion was spread through usage
>of the oral and written
>Arabic language which was the
>favored mode of communication during
>the Tran-saharan Trade. Also
>in cases where Islam represented
>the religion of the ruling
>body, conversion to Islam represented
>many societal benefits. In
>many cases (particularly in Egypt),
>Christians (contrary to popular
>belief) were not persecuted but
>Muslim were given special privileges
>that increased greater social stratification
>and wealth. However indigenous
>belief systems were often shunned
>and its adherents persecuted because
>of unlike Christianity or Judaism,
>they were not "People of
>the Book" meaning that they
>were purely "pagans" and "heathens.

where did you get your info from? i really would like to read what you read. seriously! everybody in the world has a motive for doing something and id like to see where the author's motives are going.


subhankallahumma wabihamdihi ashhadu anla ilaha illa ant astagfiruka waatuubu ilaika