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Posted by Solarus, Mon Feb-26-01 09:27 AM

>the answer is islam. islam means
>"submission", therefore submission to God
>has always existed since Adam
>and Eve.

Did a concept of "Adam and Eve" exist before the Old Testament and subsequently the New Testament and the Quran? No, moving on...

but, we all
>know how they were "unsubmissive"
>and basically got the boot
>from paradise. and after that,
>they were remorseful, asked for
>forgiveness, and became "submissive" again.
>nobody ever used to worship
>statues, "gods", stars, or anything
>except God. think about it.
>how can someone worship something
>that didnt exist, or that
>they didnt know anything about.
>and this was the case
>with adam and eve.

what do you mean "stars" didn't exist? According to Bible (I do not know about the Quran), the STARS were created BEFORE MAN.

>as more people started to
>exist, diff. ideas started to
>exist too. there used to
>be only one way of
>life (religion), now there are
>a million and one ways
>of life (religion). just like
>there used to be only
>one person, and now there
>are a billion people.

What way of life is this? The problem is that you use "submission to God" and "islam" interchangeably. Though conceptually this IS the meaning of Islam, the manner in which it is practice varies from person to person. Although Christianity has been spread or introduced to peoples throughout the world, Islam (as determined by the Quran) HASN'T. The fact that is has to be SPREAD (Christianity included) show that it is NOT in fact INHERENT to all peoples.

>"Did Arabs not conquer northern africa
>and its people and force
>them to pratice Islam in
>the same way that Christians
>came with rifles and bibles?"

This is not totally true. Although in some cases it was spread by force, it also became a "religion of convenience." In many cases the religion was spread through usage of the oral and written Arabic language which was the favored mode of communication during the Tran-saharan Trade. Also in cases where Islam represented the religion of the ruling body, conversion to Islam represented many societal benefits. In many cases (particularly in Egypt), Christians (contrary to popular belief) were not persecuted but Muslim were given special privileges that increased greater social stratification and wealth. However indigenous belief systems were often shunned and its adherents persecuted because of unlike Christianity or Judaism, they were not "People of the Book" meaning that they were purely "pagans" and "heathens.


"Activism is the practice of using an internal, self-determining source of power to live one's life and/or enact some sort of change. Power is the ability to define reality, while self-determination is to decide or define one's self. Therefore activism, is not simply something done to right some wrong or to fight some cause but rather it is a way of life. Activism is the way of life where one can define self and change anything that may impede or control the reality that one chooses to live."-Solarus