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Topic subjectRE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
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18159, RE: Islam=Natural Relegion?
Posted by abduhu, Sun Feb-25-01 02:58 PM

"This has been argued by 5 percenters and the nation, but how natural or native is Islam to Afrikans?"

islam as brought by muhammad in the 6th century, is not native to africa. but a question to ask is what religion IS native to africans or anybody for that matter?
the answer is islam. islam means "submission", therefore submission to God has always existed since Adam and Eve. but, we all know how they were "unsubmissive" and basically got the boot from paradise. and after that, they were remorseful, asked for forgiveness, and became "submissive" again. nobody ever used to worship statues, "gods", stars, or anything except God. think about it. how can someone worship something that didnt exist, or that they didnt know anything about. and this was the case with adam and eve. but, as more people started to exist, diff. ideas started to exist too. there used to be only one way of life (religion), now there are a million and one ways of life (religion). just like there used to be only one person, and now there are a billion people.
so, islam (submission) is a natural way of life or religion, b/c it has always existed in human's nature, whereas everything else came after the nature of human had already been established to "submit" to God, rather than to oppose Him.

"Did Arabs not conquer northern africa and its people and force them to pratice Islam in the same way that Christians came with rifles and bibles?"

my man mello, i have to say in defense of "muslims" and islam that "arabs" have done a lot of things, but does not necessarily
reflect "the muslims" or Islam.
if "arabs" did force someone to practice islam anywhere, then they were incorrect.
Allah says in his Quran 2:256- laa ikraaha fi ad din- there is no compulsion in religion (way of life).
so no one can be forced to accept islam, it has to be of free will.

"I need clarity as to why Muslims are any better, when fundamentally they did the same thing as Christians? Are people who stand behind the argument that Islam is the natural relegion of blacks brainwashed in that sense that they cannot see that not only have blacks been bamboozled by white christians, but also arab muslims?"

ill get back to ya on this one, time to go to the mosque!