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Topic subjectRE: in my past
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18156, RE: in my past
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-01-01 10:51 AM
You know Audio Im feeling you on this. This is some of the thoughts that also arose in my mind, and you know I probably do have a lot to do with the way that she feels, because of my own standards, and thats wrong, and I can admit that. You know the problem is as men we try so hard to place are women on a pedestal, but only when we want something (again looking out for self), but this is not something that we do all the time which is probably the problem. I hear men saying all the time " she is my number one though", and this here is a problem , because sometime number 2 is getting treated better than number one, crazy but true. You know, sometimes I have to look back at myself and think. well what is it that I am doing to make this problem better for the woman, or what is it that I am doing that is making this problem worse. I dont know. we must all come together as a people and lift one another up..