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18155, in my past
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-28-01 07:32 AM
experience with women we've played nasty little decieving games with each other, which contributes to our feelings of intimidation. even deeper is the self-fullfilling prophecy of our own negative image of being untrustworthy hood rat sex mongers that we have been labelled with since colonization. that, to me, is the root of that image. if black women weren't the nannies, the fat selfless image of a trustworthy woman, then we use our beautiful bodies for sex and money and manipulation. unfortunately that negative image is so subconscious we don't even know it exists that deep, but it does. other contributing factors to this is the fact that black women have had to deal with being overlooked as a standard of beauty in america up until the last ten or so years is another issue that feeds into the negative self image and negative self worth. you gotta make sure your wife knows she's number one and that, no matter how beautiful other women are out there, she's the one you're coming home to every day. help her build a positive self image, and she won't be so intimidated by other women. sorry i wrote a book. i'm also not saying all black women feel this way, but for the majority of us that have low self esteem, this is a theory of the root of the problem.