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Topic subjectRE: Inbread Hate
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18154, RE: Inbread Hate
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-01-01 10:44 AM
Naw Russ I feel you, and my problem is not about being scared of intelligent women. I know that society places certain standards on women, I mean we see it everyday in the videos, its like you gotta look a certain way, have your hair a certain way, have a certain body shape in order to make it. thats not my point, ,But while we are on that subject, do you think that it is the mans fault or societys fault that this is like this. Or is it up to the women to stop letting themselves be portrayed as that way, I know that sex sells, but what are our black women selling when they let this type of degradation happen.? Just a thought, but still my problems lies with the women, what will it take for our women to be Ok with themselves, and not have to worry about other women, or feeling intemidated by other women. It could be that fact that it is our fault as men, because we cannot recognize our women for what they are, it could be our fault as men because, we destroy our woman's inner pride, it could be our fault as men because we no longer no how to respect the black women, but still this seems like a battle that we as a people must engage in as a whole, and stop only looking out for ourselves.. what do yall think..