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Topic subjectRE: Inbread Hate
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18153, RE: Inbread Hate
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-28-01 05:46 AM
Our society tells women that they have certain important features. Those usually center around good looks. If you think women have a complex about other attractive women, why don't you think about the way our patriarchal society forces women into a role where they are only good if they are sexy. When I watch tv or listen to my sister and mom talk, I am constantly reminded that women are still placed in a position that is second class and not quite human. Men are afraid of intelligent and self-reliant women, but bitch when thier girlfriend gets jealous of other attractive women.

Im not trying to come down on you PantherPride. I dont know your situation. Im just saying that most of the problems men bitch about relating to women are based in our sexism and ignorance.

What do you think?