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Topic subjectI've found that
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18152, I've found that
Posted by LexM, Wed Feb-28-01 05:42 AM
insecure women are the ones who get nervous when another walks by & usually the ones who harbor negative attitudes about other women...

and I say I like to hang out with men, but that's not out of self hate. I just tend to relate more to them than I do to most women.

but generally, I try to find a common bond with another woman before I think of her as a bitch/threat/someone who's gonna hate me...maybe that's just me.

"my mama said/a lady ain't what she wears/but what she knows"~~India Arie

KizzMyBlakAzz: you've made yourself a shell
KizzMyBlakAzz: i know you're soft and gooey on the inside
LHoney17: I know I am....never said I wasn't
LHoney17: but that doesn't mean I get stepped on or that I'm not strong
KizzMyBlakAzz: Gooey
LHoney17: lol
KizzMyBlakAzz: Caramel
KizzMyBlakAzz: Center
LHoney17: lol....well that's a nice way to think of it
KizzMyBlakAzz: with like a hard choclate shell
LHoney17: think I'll put that in a personal ad
KizzMyBlakAzz: You're a Rollo
LHoney17: lmao
KizzMyBlakAzz: lmao

"Quentin's on his way/Quinton's on his way/Quentin's on his way/with another J/and it's ok!!/(we're gonna get high!!)" ~~Pharcyde