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Topic subjectthe word exotic
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18151, the word exotic
Posted by guerilla_love, Wed Feb-28-01 08:13 AM
exotic is a word people use to separate themselves from other people that undermines a basic humanity. for example, think about the difference between a bowl of beans n rice that you eat to fill yr belly and a bowl of beans n rice served because it is from the exotic country of cuba.

if you're cookin veggies on the stove using oil that you have for cookin and some spices, at which point does it become exotic? the minute you reach for a spice that you're not familiar with?

think about some of the ridiculous things people think about africans because they think of them as first exotic and second human. in reality, a lot of the "strange customs" etc. make a lot of sense in their proper context.

there is more danger to calling another human being exotic, which is very much dehumanizing, than in a weapon alone. because it's these crazy attitudes that bring about the weapons in the first place.

take liberia, for example. instead of the american government trying to understand the liberian government for what it is, it installed a government of newcomers who'd been exposed to the american ways of governing. and then quickly called liberians savages for uprising against the innocent new government. that judgemental attitude is what inspired the uprising in the first place.

exotic and civilized are two of the most dangerous words in the american vocabulary. they forge deep rifts between people and cause a lot of ridiculous prejudices.


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There is more danger in the word exotic than in a sharpened machete --me

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