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18150, More than that...
Posted by MellofromGI, Wed Feb-28-01 07:51 AM
>people look for comfort and security.
>you want to know that
>you can trust the person
>you're with to be with
>you forever, so you can
>relax and trust doesn't have
>to be an issue.

This is true, but the way the two sexes relate to one another is very complex. The reason most women feel comfortable with a group of guys than with other women is simple, most are more secure. There is a certain controlling -- domineering effect, that a woman (she doesnt even have to be all that sexy, but it doesnt hurt) has while in the presence of males. Usually she is the attention getter and has a good amount of control over the guys she's with, if she chooses to exert it. When another female comes into the picture, her control is no longer secure and some may feel as though they have to compete for attention now. People in general dont like competition and therefore become insecure.

>if a woman is secure within
>herself and her relationship, she
>doesn't need to worry about
>her man eyeing other women.
>but if she's not secure
>about herself or her relationship,
>she sees roving eyes or
>attractive women as threats to
>either or both her family
>and her trust.

And these are human issues that we all have to joust with, that's why I'm not trying to be in a serious relationship right now.
>no one wants to come out
>a fool, right?

Oh hell no, but on the otherside of that, if its "true" u gotta love like you've never been hurt. "Nigga quit bein' so got dayum selfish, put it in your pelvis..."

>in reality, all the worrying about
>your mate being with other
>women is more counterproductive than
>anything. cuz once that trust
>has already been called into
>question it becomes fragile. and
>then you're both locked in
>an insecure relationship.

U Hit the nail on the head.
>There is more danger in the
>word exotic than in a
>sharpened machete
> --me
WTF does this mean????

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