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Topic subjectInbread Hate
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18144, Inbread Hate
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-27-01 06:42 PM
Yo I just first off wanna say Peace to the Board.
But really I need a little help with a certain topic, Yo me and my wife was talking the other day, and I got to questioning, what is the problem amongst our people today. Why is it that we as a people still cannot get along?, my main focus though was on the women. Why is it that when a man is with his woman and another woman passes by his woman immediatly gets intimidated,? You always here women saying I'd rather hang out with men than other women, what is the problem as to why woman still are trapped inside of this own self hate of one another? I am confused and im sorry board if this topic has already been discussed,but I'm new here and have a big problem with this issue. so please help a brotha out.