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17761, call me el adovacato del diablo...
Posted by morpheme, Thu Mar-01-01 08:01 PM
>Black filmmakers that are on the
>project, have little to no
>input on the production.

this statement seems kind of hokey...they're makin the film but someone's tellin them to "HUSH" & they are???...it seems as tho the burden of activism is somewhat bein lifted off their shoulders & bein placed upon ours as the viewin audience

>again we have a case
>of white people telling our
>stories, defining our people, with
>little or no input from

i take issue w/this...only because ali has been boxin for 50 years & aside frum the films he starred in himself...i don't recall any blk ppl hankerin for the opportunity to make his film...male or female...indie or big studio...ali is an icon...he's like "public property" almost

The writer, producers, director,
>hairstylist, make-up artist, and wardrobe
>people are all WHITE!!!

excuse me again...the white person was never supposed to have written the story because he was white???...let's say i wrote it as a blk woman...but i know nothin of boxin/the war/the nation of islam/bein a man...do i become more "qualified"???

producers: THE MAJORITY of films are produced by white ppl...jewish ppl at that...spike lee barely found blk ppl to help him produce his movie about malcolm x...producer = $$$ = green

make-up/wardrobe: i just hope they have decent lookin afro wigs & NO DAMNED ORANGE LIPSTICK ON BLK WOMEN

>of the white people that
>hold these key positions,are insensitive,
>apathetic, white folks that know
>little and care less about
>the Black experience, let alone
>Mohammad Ali.

that explains most employers in re: to their employees...meanin ur boss in re: to U...are u quittin ur job or buildin skills to move on???

In my opinion,
>this is an outrage! Competent,
>highly qualified Black people have
>been denied employment, in favor
>of hiring non-Blacks who's skills
>are inadequate as they apply
>to this production.

if this is the case this should also be taken up w/the EEOC/ACLU & the unions that are to represent these ppl

Devious, underhanded,
>blatantly exclusionary tactics are being
>used to keep Black people
>off this production!

more details please

>Several people from the production where
>recently in Chicago on a
>location scout at Elijah Mohammad's
>old house. Before the scout,
>they realized that there were
>no Black people in their
>group. They contacted a local
>janitor, and a PA (gopher)
>and asked them to ride
>with them and sit in
>on meetings with them for
>the day in an effort
>to give the impression to
>the Nation of Islam officialsthat
>they were dealing with a
>diverse group. The two hired
>guns, were promised jobs when
>they begin shooting in Chicago.
>Please, unite with Black filmmaker's
>in their effort to combat
>this unjust situation!! Call The
>Production office, and let them
>know that this type of
>blatant discrimination will NOT be
>tolerated. Voice your concerns to:
>Michael Mann (Producer, Director, Writer); 310-207-7378,

okay...michael man is producin/directin AND writin this film???...this is the michael mann show yo

>John Cally: (CEO, Sony Pictures); 310-244-7777,
>F: 310-244-4070
>Amy Pascal(Chairman Columbia Pictures); 310-244-6300, F:

i can call & inquire as to the alleged practices...otherwise...what shall i say???

u read what i said & u STILL want more??!!??