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Posted by pocahontas, Tue Feb-27-01 04:20 PM
Will Smith and Muhammed Ali themselves aren't putting it down, why will our phone calls make a difference. I'm sorry, but I was REAL disappointed when I saw Ali at the Republican Inauguration...Honestly, the company has its high-profile tokens and its going to be hard to shake them up because all they have to say is "Look at Willy Fetchit, he ain't sayin' nothin" and that's that.

"A man is free, or he is not. There can be no apprenticeship for freedom."
--Amiri Baraka

Jesus was Black ya'll...no joke.

"Oh no, here comes that sun again. That means another day, without you my friend. And it hurts to look into the mirror at myself, and it hurts even more to have to be with somebody else.
And it's so hard to do, and so easy to say,
But sometimes, sometimes, you just have to walk away."
--Ben Harper

The worst Okayplayer mistake my friend ever made? I went with three of my friends to the Saturday Oakland Okayplayer show back in November. Anyway, we got separated into groups of two during the show, and after the show, we couldn't find each other, and after spending a weekend together, me and my sistas were a little testy anyway. Not finding each other directly after the show further aggravated the situation. So anyway, one of my friends was hella pissed, and decided to walk in front of all of us. On the way back to the car, she pushed through a group of brothas who were chillin' by the side of the theater, hella mad-doggin' folks, and one of the dudes (shorter, light-skinded) in an effort to cheer her up said, "Hey, smile!" She turned around and gave this dude the ugliest, most sarcastic smile in the world, and then kept walking. After walking in utter silence for a block, one of my other friends who watched the exchange said, "Why did you dis Scratch like that?"