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Posted by alek, Fri Mar-02-01 06:09 PM
>I never said anything about oppression
>(check other posts). All
>I sought to do was
>clarify the first post.

Here's two of your quotes from earlier in the discussion.

"The whole goal is to keep it in the closet, hence the charges of anti-semitism and name-changes."

"Along with their domination in media comes the gagging of any public discussion on their influence, Palestinian rights and other controversial topics associated with Jews."

So if you never said anything about oppression, control, greed, paranoia, what is "the whole goal" referencing? How about your statement that Jews "gag public discussion of controversial topics..." It's just not clear to me what the jewish AGENDA you're trying to outline here is. Please clear it up.

>course, given the sensitivity of
>the topic, I expected virulent
>charges of anti-Semitism and closed-mindedness.

Give people a little more credit. I can't speak for other people, but I certainly didn't accuse you of that. I think it might be worth considering what your "expectations" might say about your own feelings towards Jews, but I'm not in any kind of position to judge someone over the internet.

- If all you meant to do was point out a detail overlooked by the original poster, fine. It sounds to me like you had more in mind, and that your responses since then have harbored some pretty serious resentment. What I asked you (and am asking you again), is WHAT you resent about Jewish control over the entertainment industry (other than the fact that over-representation usually implies inequality).

"Say some shit that suprise me...
My face don't change."