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Topic subjectYou might be surprised.
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17741, You might be surprised.
Posted by REDeye, Fri Mar-02-01 07:52 AM
But I actually agree with you, up to a point. I've been troubled before by the apparent double-standard that allows Jewish people to cry oppression when, for the most part, they have overcome quite a lot and achieved so much that it's hard to look at them as an oppressed people.

Problem is, successful or not, in charge of the entertainment industry or not, Jewish people still face a lot of persecution and bigotry. The fact that they run some movie studios or whatever doesn't make that acceptable. So I don't begrudge them their success. Like you yourself said, what better way is there for a miniscule minority to gain such exhaustive power? Instead of hating them, I'd rather emulate them.

And, of course, not all Jews are sitting pretty. Not all of them are rich and in control, just like not all blacks are poor and struggling.

And yes, I'm also with you on the point of blame assessment. If blacks are in fact going to blame someone for our plight in the entertainment industry, it's better to point the finger directly instead of lumping everyone together.

My own personal view on that, however, is that I'd rather not blame anyone. As I've said in the other black-movie-themed post currently running, I think a large chunk of the responsibility falls on the blacks in the industry to do what is necessary to make a better climate for blacks and black-themed projects.

Whether that means writing better projects or only hiring black crews and creative staff, there's so much we can actually affect, regardless of who is running the studios.

With that in mind, and in regards to this Ali project, I understand and agree in principle with the concept of raising a ruckus when black stories get told with no black involvement. But I don't really agree that this is a "black story." Not because I don't think of Ali's life as a story of blacks in America. But because I believe there is a "white" side to the Ali story. he is a man who has touch the whole country, and the world, and if Michael Mann wants to tell teh story from his point of view, that's acceptable. So, I cannot support a boycott of Sony simply because of this project. But there's plenty of other reasons to boycott Sony and all the studios.

In any event, I don't believe the situation blacks face in the media is due SPECIFICALLY to Jewish influence. So while I appreciate the clarification, I think it's legitimate in this situation to lump all our adversaries into one category. While I recognize the difference between Jewish people and other "white" people, I don't see how that difference changes the situation blacks in the entertainment industry are faced with. Regardless of who it is in charge, it's not blacks. And that is what needs to be addressed.

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