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17739, Hi.
Posted by REDeye, Thu Mar-01-01 10:50 AM
You accused me of trying to cut off the discussion, yet you don't seem to want to answer my question. You seem to have plenty of time, though, to dissect the difference between whites and Jews. So, in the interest of keeping the dialogue going, and tying it back to the subject of the original post (which you claim only to have wanted to clarify)...

>>If you had said, "The over-representation
>>of rich white males in
>>the entertainment industry bothers me
>>as much as the...", I
>>would have been right with
>So you just want to deny
>the Jewish influence?

Please explain, in your opinion, why it is an important distinction that there are Jews running the entertainment industry, as opposed to "whites."

I don't think anyone here has denied the Jewish influence you speak of. You guys are going back and forth as to whether Jews are white or European or whatever. But let's you and I start with the premise that Jews are different from whites. Okay?

Now, what is it about Jewish influence in the movie industry that creates a problem for black people different from a situation that would exist is mere white people ran the industry? How would our plight be different?

You seem to have something you want to say. Spit it out.

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