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17737, RE: That's right...
Posted by alek, Wed Feb-28-01 06:47 PM
>>>It bothers me as much
>>>as the over-representation of African-Americans
>>>in the service industry.

>>Oh please.

>Oh please what? Anytime one
>ethnic or racial group is
>over represented in a particular
>segment of society that means
>there is something wrong with

Agreed. But you compared ONE circumstance -- the endemic disempowerment of African-Americans and their relegation to low-wage/low-stability service sector jobs -- to another FAR less definite one. The role that people of Jewish faith play in the entertainment industry is exactly the same as the role that ANY empowered wealthy white executive plays: dominance and direction. In both cases it's the power imbalance that leads to your "over-representation," but one is extremely serious and consequential, while the other is ambiguous and looks in a LIMITED way at the problem.

If you had said, "The over-representation of rich white males in the entertainment industry bothers me as much as the...", I would have been right with you.


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