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Topic subjectOnce again, are you trying to be funny?
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17734, Once again, are you trying to be funny?
Posted by REDeye, Wed Feb-28-01 03:49 PM
>Just clarifying the original poster's comments.
>By the way, why do so
>many, like yourself, try to
>shut down the conversation when
>people call attention to this
>fact. Could it be
>the same reason men get
>dismiss the pay difference between
>men and women??? Fear.

Youz funny. I'm not trying to shut down the conversation. First, the original post wasn't about who is running the entertainment industry. It was about boycotting Sony because, once again, a black story is being told by whites. That subject alone is worthy of hours and hours of discussion -- regardless of how you define "whites."

You introduced the idea of Jews running the industry, as if that makes a difference in the context of the original discussion. I've asked you to clarify why you did that, not in an attempt to shut down the conversation but to get you to expand it. If I didn't want to that discussion to continue, I would have simply ignored it. (And that's a lesson many people need to learn here.)

So once again, I'm asking you to explain why the difference between Jews and other whites is significant within the context of who is running the entertainment industry and who is telling the stories of black people, and we can discuss that as long as you want.

Are you saying blacks would be better represented in the industry if, say, Italians were in charge? Or maybe Czechs? The Japanese?

Let's try an analogy. If you lose a race, what significant difference is it if you lose to a Greek guy or to an Israeli?

Or, look at it in another way. If you're getting your ass kicked, does it really matter if the person with his foot in your ass believes Jesus was the Son of God or not?

You have presented nothing for me to fear, so we can discuss this as long as you want. I just want to understand your position because, really, you haven't presented anything by way of discussion. You came in like an ass, and the accuse me and others of ignoring your important issue.

Like I said, I'll concede that Jews are in most of the positions of power in the entertainment industry. You tell me what the significance is in that, and we'll go from there.

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