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17729, Mo' More Clarity
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-28-01 03:38 PM
>>Jews are not tradirionally considered white.
>>His point was that whites are
>>controlling the film, my point
>>was that it isn't whites
>>but Jews.
>traditionally? vague word. 150
>years ago, the irish weren't
>considered white. 100-110 years
>ago, italians weren't considered white.
> the definition of what
>is "white" in america changes
>all the time. now?
> jews are white.
>they're jewish whites. but
>they're white. they don't
>get tailed in department stores.
> nobody profiles jews.
>did the census form have
>"white; black; jewish; latino; asian"
>on it? nope.
>by modern american societal standards,
>those who are culturally jewish
>are considered as white as
>those who are culturally irish.

Really? Do people often spraypaint xed out shamrocks or Union Jacks on Irish churches? Does Min. Farrakhan ever talk about the undue influence Italians have on the restaurant business or the Greeks in the dry cleaning industry?

My point is that in many ways Jews think of themselves as white, but in reality they are only on the fringe of whiteness; because whiteness in America is indeed flexible. This flexibilty allows it to expand and contract with equal ease.


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