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17727, Clarity
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-28-01 01:24 PM
>Okay, so Jews run the entertainment
>industry? So what?
>I think the point of the
>original post was that there
>are people who aren't black
>who are telling our stories.

He didn't say "not black," he said white.

>What does it matter if
>it's Jews or Italians or
>Icelandics -- the point is,
>they are not blacks.

Jews are not tradirionally considered white.
His point was that whites are controlling the film, my point was that it isn't whites but Jews.

>So what exactly are you trying
>to say by pointing out
>that it's Jews running things,
>as opposed to just any
>other white people?

See above.

>The impression you give is that
>you feel there is a
>substantive difference, one with a
>more negative impact, between Jews
>and other whites or non-blacks.
>If so, what is that
>difference? Because, unless there is
>a difference why mention it?

Of course there's a difference,. Look at per capita wealth, health, influence and other social indicators. Jews are as far away from whites as whites are from blacks.

>I've been in and around the
>entertainment industry for some 14-15
>years. Yep, there's a lot
>of Jews. I don't know
>what closed world you're living
>in where people don't know
>this. It's no secret. But
>what are you trying to
>say about this fact?

Just clarifying the original poster's comments.
By the way, why do so many, like yourself, try to shut down the conversation when people call attention to this fact. Could it be the same reason men get dismiss the pay difference between men and women??? Fear.


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