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Topic subjectWhat's your point though?
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17726, What's your point though?
Posted by REDeye, Wed Feb-28-01 06:22 AM
Okay, so Jews run the entertainment industry? So what?

I think the point of the original post was that there are people who aren't black who are telling our stories. What does it matter if it's Jews or Italians or Icelandics -- the point is, they are not blacks.

So what exactly are you trying to say by pointing out that it's Jews running things, as opposed to just any other white people?

The impression you give is that you feel there is a substantive difference, one with a more negative impact, between Jews and other whites or non-blacks. If so, what is that difference? Because, unless there is a difference why mention it?

I've been in and around the entertainment industry for some 14-15 years. Yep, there's a lot of Jews. I don't know what closed world you're living in where people don't know this. It's no secret. But what are you trying to say about this fact?

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