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17711, RE: Read up.
Posted by Solarus, Wed Feb-28-01 04:13 PM

>1) WHICH Europeans are you talking
>about? England? The
>only thing they condemned was
>Nazi desires to gain economic/political
>control over Europe. France?
>No. Italy? No.
>Russia? Nope. Spain?
>Nope. Switzerland? Not at
>all. Eastern Europe? They
>might have, but they were
>all killed or imprisoned.
>So there was NO "total condemnation,"
>especially not where genocide was
>concerned. Any objections at
>all (and this includes America)
>addressed the Nazis' plan for
>Aryan domination.

Are there not Jewish organizations today that search for Nazi officials today? The question then becomes: When found, why are they allowed to be held up on charges or expedited to Israel for punishment? If they are in America why are they punished since are no in the Jurisdiction of the Israeli government? Why were Nazis even brought up for "War crimes" ?

Let's look and compare media depictions of the Jewish holocaust and the African experience in the Americas and on the continent. Why are Africans consistently misrepresented and in many cases Europeans depicted as "good" or "savior" of the heathenous people?

Oh I forgot Jews control the media.

My bad.

All I'm saying is that despite intra-group conflict among Europeans and European Jews, JEWS ARE STILL EUROPEANS.

For the Afrikan, "siding" with this so-called "oppressed minority" is SUICIDE. NAACP is a perfect example. Uniting with Jews has been a smokescreen to the upliftment of the Afrikan community. How can you unite with someone when you don't know WHO YOU ARE? That is foolish. Negroes still think they are Negroes.


"Activism is the practice of using an internal, self-determining source of power to live one's life and/or enact some sort of change. Power is the ability to define reality, while self-determination is to decide or define one's self. Therefore activism, is not simply something done to right some wrong or to fight some cause but rather it is a way of life. Activism is the way of life where one can define self and change anything that may impede or control the reality that one chooses to live."-Solarus