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Posted by alek, Wed Feb-28-01 03:25 PM
>No one said that the war was to DEFEND
>the Jews.

Indeed it wasn't.

>The only
>time Europeans "defend" each other
>is when their own personal
>interests are at stake.

You're absolutely right, but you say that like it's not true for every single other cultural/ethnic group.

>I said "response to it"
>meaning the total condemnation of
>Nazi activity

Please tell me you're joking.

1) WHICH Europeans are you talking about? England? The only thing they condemned was Nazi desires to gain economic/political control over Europe. France? No. Italy? No. Russia? Nope. Spain? Nope. Switzerland? Not at all. Eastern Europe? They might have, but they were all killed or imprisoned.

So there was NO "total condemnation," especially not where genocide was concerned. Any objections at all (and this includes America) addressed the Nazis' plan for Aryan domination.

>as opposed to
>the lack of condemnation of
>standard European activity towards Afrikans.

This is true, but I'd like to point out that ignoring genocide is just a general trend of Western Culture.

>The Rhodes scholar
>is a prestigious program named
>after Cecil Rhodes and founded
>through his riches gain by
>his imperialistic/colonial ventures in Africa.
>Ever heard of "Rhodesia?"
>Would a program founded by
>a Nazi be held in
>such high accord?

Um. Yes. Swiss banks. Mercedes. etc.

>Even the ALLOWANCE of Jews into
>circles of "power" speaks for

It does. It speaks to two things:
First, it speaks to the willingness of Western culture to view Jews in the postwar era as part of "the majority" or as "standard westerners."
Second, it speaks to the inherent (and peculiar) status that this particular ethnicity has held in Western society for as long as we can remember.

Would AFRIKANS ever
>be allowed to CONTROL the
>entertainment industry and media?
>The "Jewish solidarity" alone is
>not enough for a group
>of people to take control
>over a medium that is
>used as a tool to
>spread and universalize Western ideology.

Completely agree. It has nothing to do with ethnicity or ethnic solidarity, it has to do with one group being empowered by the rest of society, and another disempowered.


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