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Posted by Solarus, Wed Feb-28-01 02:54 PM
that the war was to DEFEND the Jews. The only time Europeans "defend" each other is when their own personal interests are at stake. I said "response to it" meaning the total condemnation of Nazi activity as opposed to the lack of condemnation of standard European activity towards Afrikans. (The public "detachment" of some from European atrocities, accounts for nothing considering that they maintain power as a result of these atrocities.) The Rhodes scholar is a prestigious program named after Cecil Rhodes and founded through his riches gain by his imperialistic/colonial ventures in Africa. Ever heard of "Rhodesia?" Would a program founded by a Nazi be held in such high accord?

Even the ALLOWANCE of Jews into circles of "power" speaks for itself. Would AFRIKANS ever be allowed to CONTROL the entertainment industry and media? The "Jewish solidarity" alone is not enough for a group of people to take control over a medium that is used as a tool to spread and universalize Western ideology.


"Activism is the practice of using an internal, self-determining source of power to live one's life and/or enact some sort of change. Power is the ability to define reality, while self-determination is to decide or define one's self. Therefore activism, is not simply something done to right some wrong or to fight some cause but rather it is a way of life. Activism is the way of life where one can define self and change anything that may impede or control the reality that one chooses to live."-Solarus