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Topic subjectYou sound like an idiot...
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17703, You sound like an idiot...
Posted by alek, Wed Feb-28-01 03:08 PM
>It's only risky if you're in
>the entertainment or financial business.
> The whole goal is
>to keep it in the
>closet, hence the charges of
>anti-semitism and name-changes.

I'm sorry, but look:
a) I'm not sure what you think is being "kept in the closet," but Jewish influence in the entertainment media is common knowledge.

b) If you mean that some sort of subversive Jewish agenda is being "kept in the closet," then that's just about as dopey as saying that African-americans have a subversive agenda to corrupt our youth through rap music.

c) "hence the charges of anti-semitism and name-changes"? Give me a break. That's an ignorant assumption, and a really weak causality. You don't have to know much American history to know where the "charges of antisemitism" come from (I'll give you a hint -- actual anti-semitism). And as for name changes, that's a sad superficial argument.

"Say some shit that suprise me...
My face don't change."