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17702, great job...
Posted by alek, Wed Feb-28-01 03:14 PM
>TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
>moved down to Miami and
>buildings and ALL are Jewish.

Terrific point! You know what? All the dining hall workers at my school are black! That must mean they *want* to make no money and get fired for no reason.

They get away
>with instigating harmful ideas and
>everyone goes along with it,

Which harmful ideas? I completely agree that the mainstream movie industry does a poor job of reflecting or even addressing our society, but that's just a constant of "the mainstream." Do you think that's part of a malicious Jewish agenda?

>and they make money, while
>white people take and Accept
>the blame... So gross!

I don't understand this at all. White people take and accept the blame? What blame? Which white people? What is this point?

>Another thing, Jews play
>off of the ignorance of
>the masses, many of them
>are "ANTI-Semetic" also because they
>show hatred toward Arabs. Arabs
>are Semites too btw...

How is this "playing off the ignorance of the masses"? I think I understand your point, that Jews are somehow "getting away" with hatred towards Arabs, but how and why?

"Say some shit that suprise me...
My face don't change."