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Topic subjectWhat way?
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17698, What way?
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-27-01 03:01 PM
>yeah, jews are hold down the
>make up artists...
>When an issue is brought up
>in that manner, it dilutes
>the message and damages the
>credibility of the person raising
>the issue.

What manner? Was I disrespectful?

>No one's denying that Jewish people
>are running things to a
>large extent. But you're only
>going to get shouted down
>if you say it that

What way are you talking about?

Not to say people
>will listen otherwise, but no
>one's gonna listen when it's
>brought up like that.

I know no one's supposed to talk about it, that point's been made clear to me over and over again.


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