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Topic subjectBoycott Sony/Columbia Pictures!
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17687, Boycott Sony/Columbia Pictures!
Posted by Solarus, Mon Feb-26-01 01:22 PM

Y'all like boycotting right? Well here is something I just received via email.


Boycott Sony/Columbia Pictures! A Coalition of Black filmmaker's are asking for your support against Sony/Columbia Pictures Production of "Ali."

Currently, Black film technicians hold approximately 10 out of 300 jobs on the production. That number includes Will Smith's personal entourage as well as the subordinate and entry level positions held by Blacks on the production. There is NO key position held by a person of color. Will Smith has, for whatever reason, chosen to remain silent on this issue.

Black filmmakers that are on the project, have little to no input on the production. Once again we have a case of white people telling our stories, defining our people, with little or no input from us. The writer, producers, director, hairstylist, make-up artist, and wardrobe people are all WHITE!!! Many of the white people that hold these key positions,are insensitive, apathetic, white folks that know little and care less about the Black experience, let alone Mohammad Ali. In my opinion, this is an outrage! Competent, highly qualified Black people have been denied employment, in favor of hiring non-Blacks who's skills are inadequate as they apply to this production. Devious, underhanded, blatantly exclusionary tactics are being used to keep Black people off this production!

Several people from the production where recently in Chicago on a location scout at Elijah Mohammad's old house. Before the scout, they realized that there were no Black people in their group. They contacted a local janitor, and a PA (gopher) and asked them to ride with them and sit in on meetings with them for the day in an effort to give the impression to the Nation of Islam officialsthat they were dealing with a diverse group. The two hired guns, were promised jobs when they begin shooting in Chicago. Please, unite with Black filmmaker's in their effort to combat this unjust situation!! Call The Production office, and let them know that this type of blatant discrimination will NOT be tolerated. Voice your concerns to:

Michael Mann (Producer, Director, Writer); 310-207-7378, F:310-207-3426

John Cally: (CEO, Sony Pictures); 310-244-7777, F: 310-244-4070

Amy Pascal(Chairman Columbia Pictures); 310-244-6300, F: 310-244-6161