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Posted by loi, Mon Mar-19-01 02:37 AM
>movin' this subject so people can
>see it better...
>anyway i think funk and i
>want to know if anybody's
>done Teach for America. I'm
>thinking of applying for the
>next rotation...any suggestions? comments? experiences?
> I am a Teach for America 99 corps member and I will fullfill my commitment to TFA this June. I like TFA, but there are some serious issues with their selection proccess. I like many of the ideals behind TFA, but there are some realities that they don't address sufficiently. You basicly get about six weeks of training then you are a teacher, just like that! TFA services inner city and rural districts. Many of the teachers have backgrounds completely different from their students and they need more development. To truly teach children you must investigate their backgrounds, environment, culture, etc. Many TFA teachers are from Ivy league schools and the first time they have actually been around people of color on a large scale, is when they stepped infront of there classroom to teach. I always ask my TFA peers, if you never had any real quality experiences with people from different backgrounds on a large scale, then where do you draw your perceptions from? I can't tell you how many TFA teachers can't answer this question, or find themselves in an embarrassing place. I still think TFA is dope, and an excellent support group. I moved to Baltimore with TFA and I don't think I could have made the transition without them. I have met some amazing people and TFA alumni is so deep! If you apply, make sure you make the first January deadline, because you might end up placed in the boonies!
Good luck!
Email me if you want anymore Teach for America info!