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Posted by thebigfunk, Sun Mar-18-01 07:32 AM

>Okay...gotta get back to my plans
>for Of Mice and Men.

Don't want to switch the topic too much, but I'm wondering how much leeway you have in selecting what literature you teach. I've heard lots of responses, from none-at-all to complete freedom.

I've found that lower-level teaching (middle school thru ninth grade) has a pretty strict curriculum that teachers must follow. Tenth grade thru senior, especially in gifted/AP courses, teachers have a lot more freedom in selecting what works they teach.

I just noticed that you were teaching Of Mice and Men, and while it's a great book, it's not something I would like to teach... however, since it's become such a large part of American High School canons, it seems inevitable if that's the grade level you move into...

A story slightly related is at this link:

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