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16830, Funny you should ask...
Posted by jacksgrl, Sat Mar-17-01 10:39 PM
...while I'm sitting here doing lesson plans and browsing the boards (we're famous for multi-tasking). Yes, I am a teacher. English and College Prep. High school. Went into it for exactly the reason you stated. "Make a difference, give them a 'heads-up' on this thing called life." Assumed that ALL, okay, MOST, of my co-workers would have that same inspiration. WRONG.

I've never been in such a very political, anti-change, pro-"establishment" environment in my life. Down-right depressing a lot of the time. A lot of the kids are open to contemporary issues. However, parents and administration, I find, are not. Most of them are all about maintaining the status-quo.

There are so many needs that must be met in a classroom. So many demands just to make sure that your students are getting the curriculum. So many "wrongs" that need to be addressed on a very basic academic level (they can't read, they can't write, they aren't organized....basic skills type issues)...that the energy necessary to organize sound grass roots movements isn't there at the end of a day.

Funding, moral and manpower support, job security...all these are issues one (I) takes into consideration when embarking into this territory. And you really don't want to take away time from proper preparation for the actual academic purpose.

I hear you, though. I love what I do, believe in my initial inspiration to become a teacher. I recognized very early though (I'm only in my 3rd year) that I best do all that I can in my classroom to awaken and enlighten...focusing my attention on the individual student, addressing their individual needs in those areas (and there are about 100 of those for me a week).

Okay...gotta get back to my plans for Of Mice and Men.