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16829, RE: you sound like me...
Posted by SweetBee, Sun Mar-18-01 04:05 PM
>I haven't considered teaching outside of
>the U.S, except through programs
>like PeaceCorps etc. ; my
>question is, what kind of
>position does this put me
>in as a white person...?
> I've heard there are
>strong imperialistic connotations sometimes involved
>in the teaching part of
>peacecorps work... but so far
>it's just hearsay. I
>haven't fully investigated the prospect,
>yet, it would be after
>I get out of college.

I'm also interested in doing some PC time beforre I go to a strict academic setting, and I can add more to your hearsay by sharing a story:
I was in Ghana (West Africa) eating at an Indian restaurant and could not help but hear the very loud and obnoxious conversation of two American white men and two American white women.
They were going on and on about basically how dumb and unco-operative their students were, laughing at certain students' language and writing skills. Two of them gave an example each of a student who had written good essays for them, but said they were sure the students had cheated. I went over to their table and asked them who they thought they were and they were all blank faces, and I asked them what they were doing there and they said they taught for the Peace Corps. I asked them what they taught and they said "English." I said "In how many ways?"
Again they were lost, so I just cut to telling them to quiet down if they were going to say stupid things because I could understand English very well, and that I would appreciate it if they didn't share with the whole restaurant how ignorant they were (though I was the only other person dining). So what you've heard probably has some validity. I didn't feel that they wer dedicated at all to all the principles the Pece Corps claims to want people accept. But then again my college viewbook made it seem like there would be lots of Black people here...

>I'm still considering moving out of
>the country altogether... :)
I say if you find your place somewhere else, go for it.