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Topic subjectyou sound like me...
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16828, you sound like me...
Posted by thebigfunk, Sun Mar-18-01 07:23 AM
>Future "English" teacher. I wanna teach
>at the upper high school
>level, but teaching at the
>college level is still a
>I would rather concentrate on traching
>Literature, specifically Black literature, and
>history; and will probably spend
>most of my time and
>grey hairs dealing with correcting
>the improper teaching of history
>in schools.

Pretty much what I want to do... I'm not necessarily looking to focus on black literature, though, but knowing my personal literary canon it'll probably take up a large part.

>Is there anyone else who is
>at least considering teaching outside
>of the U.S.?

I haven't considered teaching outside of the U.S, except through programs like PeaceCorps etc. ; my question is, what kind of position does this put me in as a white person...? I've heard there are strong imperialistic connotations sometimes involved in the teaching part of peacecorps work... but so far it's just hearsay. I haven't fully investigated the prospect, yet, it would be after I get out of college.

I'm still considering moving out of the country altogether... :)

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